A Certain Home

per sempre no és pas lluny.
per sempre és ara.
el que és lluny és tornar.


for my crew

You built a boat with words of hope
only to spread them down the valley
through rivers and roads.
You drifted into a quaint lake,
made a crew and shared
the foreign words you call
a certain home.
Didn't you sweep away the bridge
that holds that place?
You leave for good again
to learn that part of you will stay
in the magic of the quirky boat
and such a perky crew
that shines at you and keeps afloat.
The picture of a year blurs
as you dabble your hands in water,
but dim or blurred,
will it ever fade away,
you wonder
while you set off to unlearn your journey,
to unfold the bends and turns
as if you first were about to cross
such winding rivers,
such twisting roads.

The time when time did not matter

3 comentaris:

  1. Unglücklicherweise immer die Zeit wichtig ist... We are all made of time. Nice poem :)

  2. Time is always about to leave, but we always go on board.


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